A very common request is from companies that require PR shots for a press release.
They do come in all shapes and sizes.

Here I have chosen a very traditional set of ‘photos from a company that wished to make known to a wide audience of rewards of attainment to members of its workforce.

All images were taken – as requested by my client – in front of their offices and two motor vehicles were deliberately incorporated into the shots to advertise their trademark/corporate identity.

It is up to the photographer to keep the subjects happy as most persons are reticent when ‘posing’ for a formal photograph.
The secret is to make as many changes to the line up as is possible and to come in from different angles with the camera, this will ensure that your client will have a choice and (usually)just one or two are chosen for the press.

I have been photographing presentation shots since 1990.
The photos shown here are most traditional, other companies put in all sorts of requests to get them noticed to a wider public.